It's our planet.

Products made from our world, 
need to be good for our world.

Our main objective is to use either truly long-lasting, flawlessly recyclable, or natural materials such as ceramics, woods, and metals. 

If it isn't made to last, then it isn't made

We can no longer bring into this world the cheapest products, or the most profitable products.
That has been done before, that's what is easy, and that, is not what we want our future to be. Challenging instead what already exists, to create not-
only that which is sustainable, but beautiful, purposeful, and has innate quality.

Often we have to make tough decisions, sometimes we have to use plastic because there is currently no other alternative, but plastics should be a last resort. NOT a default.

By now we know that plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, and for a few select purposes this is actually a good thing. Having part of a product break after 10 years can mean the overall product may be useless, or even worse, it can pose a risk to those who use it.

Whatever the reason to make tough decisions, we only want to use plastic if we have to,
 and no more than this.

To do this right, we must have a plan.

Our objective to make all of our products sustainable means bearing a commitment not only ourselves, but to future generations — to not only our communities, but to the communities of every country, rich or poor. Finding solutions that take action to support and grow in the right direction, and to better those who pretend to do so.

Reduced-emissions, by design.

We reduce the carbon footprint of our products, and how they get to you, in every last detail. Not only by using truly recyclable materials, but also in a products packaging. Smaller boxes, means less wasted space when transporting from manufacturers to your door. Making a product only what it needs to be, means using less material, and more efficiently.

Energy efficiency, is a priority.

We’re constantly focused on increasing the energy efficiency across not only our product manufacturing and use, but in the very way we sell our products. No stores, means no lighting, no heating, reduced commuting for our employees, and no travelling for our customers. All of this means a more efficient energy usage. This is one of the reasons we're pushing for Augmented Reality (AR) shopping, so you can see and feel how the product looks without having to waste a journey.

Removing carbon, as much as we can.

By using wood as often as we can in our products, we’re actively removing carbon from the environment. This is not only to tackle the current emissions of our species, but allows for planting of new trees when the old ones are less efficient at removing carbon as they have already grown. Normally when a tree naturally falls or is cut down and left, the carbon captured by that tree slowly releases back into the atmosphere. So why not be surrounded by beautiful real-wood products,
products that actively help our planet.

Thank you for those who have read this, for those who care.
Our journey will be a challenge, but the path less travelled makes all of the difference.

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